Saturday, March 16, 2013

Red Trellis Seafood Garden - Microtel Branch

Just last night, Red Trellis Seafood Garden opened another branch at Microtel, Valley High, National Highway, General Santos city. Bringing with it all the seafood-dish goodness prevalent in their original restaurant located at Lagao.

Their Seafood Paella Fondant Cake which may I note is really yummy along with its bubblegum flavored fondant.

The restaurant exudes chicness and simplicity in its design concept. The ambiance makes you feel like dining outdoors, sort of like incorporating a bit of their original garden-restaurant-feel into this branch. 

There were even trellises placed on the ceiling with a few greens making it look like dining al fresco. All that's missing are twinkly stars. :)

The food served was a variety of seafood dishes as well as Japanese maki-rolls for appetizers...

Of course their signature Crab dish was in attendance...

as well as the Baked Imbao which was succulent and one of my ready favorite...

Their new dish the Escargot in Cocomilk made its debut and I heard were also something to try... although I still have to convince myself to really try them next visit :)

and of course the garlic shrimps was simply divine!

Of course I couldn't fail to mention that they also serve sub-zero chilled beers. So after that hearty dinner, you can go ahead and indulge in a drinking spree with your friends. 

For reservations, you can call them at these numbers: +83-3022722 ; +83-5520256. Visit their main branch at Tiongson Ext. cor Calina St. Lagao (fronting Notre Dame IBED), Gen. Santos city.


Anonymous said...

the san mig light is mouth watering !


lynette g pinaytravelogue said...

hehe.. believe it or not - it is! :) im not much of a beer drinker but i love the chilled beer.

Anonymous said...

hot summer is here ' anything chilled is simply irresistible mam ! 0('-')0

lynette g pinaytravelogue said...

korek! :)

Ina-Tay said...

Hi Lynette!

Goodness me, it was just like last week of Feb when I went to GenSan for a weekend and voila, Red Trellis already has a second branch! Their original branch in Lagao was the backdrop for A LOT of my fond GenSan memories. Even the waitress in your photo (is it Rachel?) is very familiar.

I may have to elbow my friends to take me to their new branch soon. The Zamboangena in me was instantly interested to try their baked imbao! :)

Following you now via GFC!

lynette g pinaytravelogue said...

Hi dearie! ay Gensan misses you I'm sure.. come back for a visit soon! andami bago every time you come back thats for sure! :) thanks for dropping by my blog Ina-Tay..