Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gensan's Tuna Festival

Tuna Festival Float
float parade at last year's tuna festival

Gensan is known for its yummy world class tuna.. and what better way to give importance to this mighty fish than for people in Gensan or the "Generals" to celebrate Tuna Festival.

This year's Tuna Festival kicks off on September 5, 2009 with a number of exciting activities to look forward to. For more details on the events, a taste of what to expect on this year's Tuna Fest, you can click on the  Gensan's Royal Gandaness  blog for more details.

Tuna Festival Float
2009 Tuna Float Parade..one of my favorite floats


*MrsMartinez* said...

Wow Lynette ganda naman ng gensan
Mura ba ang LV dyan sa shop ni Jinkee Pacquiao lol

lynette g. said...

hi michelle! magandang gensan! =) im not sure kung mura LV sa Jinkee's kasi di pa ko kaafford nyan so di ko tinitingnan ang price but for you i will check. =) thanks for viewing my blog dearie.